DSC_3701Dear our online readers, civitas academica, parents, alumni, stakeholders, and sponsors,

Welcome to the “virtual house” of The Indonesian School in The Netherlands (SIN Wassenaar).

The creation, development, maintenance, and regular updating of this virtual house is not only important for transparency, accountability and information-sharing but also reflects SIN Wassenaar’s commitment to keep-up with the breakneck advancement of digital technology. Furthermore, this choice is to continue the  achievement of previously excellent tradition in the area of ICT that has begun to institutionalise within our school managament. Without the substantial support of the Indonesian Government specifically from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of National Education; Indonesian Embassy in The Hague; parents; civitas academica; Indonesian, Dutch and international private sectors; alumni; etc., it is hard to imagine that SIN Wassenaar could achieve such marvellous cyber accomplishment.

Through this virtual house our dear readers are able to access the information about our school and interactively share their suggestion and ideas, to maintain our relations as human-beings, to explore feasible cooperation with possible partners and stakeholders in order to improve SIN Wassenaar’s capacity to deliver services as a centre of Indonesian education, language and culture in The Netherlands and beyond.

SIN Wassenaar is designed to provide education services that bring together the various human intelligences: intellectual, emotional and spiritual; that’s why we positively expect that our graduates  will be intellectually as well as emotionally and spiritually smart. The services are aimed at Indonesian children at the age of 6 to 17 living in The Netherlands and Europe. There is a dormitory designated for students coming from outside The Netherlands or living far away from Wassenaar. SIN Wassenaar also caters for distance learning programme for Primary Education for those who live farther than 250 km or more from our school. Due to the international nature of our environment, the main language used is English and Indonesian, added with excellent Dutch, French and German language lessons.

SIN Wassenaar is endowed with a unique added value due to the fact that it is  located in The Netherlands, a European country with deeply-shared historical, cultural and economic relations with Indonesia. Therefore, we are very confident that it will  create an opportunity to our civitas academica to interact within the framework of education and cultural diplomacy with diversed international communities, especially the ever-closer and progressive ties with Dutch people. The opportunity, we believe, will help the attainment of our school vision: Berstandar internasional, berbudaya Indonesia.

We sincerely appreciate your kind attention, assistance and support, synergy and partnership, cooperation and trust to SIN Wassenaar.

Wassenaar, 2011

Arbayah Kumalawati


PPDB 22/23